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Teesin Machinery Pte Ltd

No.11 Senoko Avenue. Singapore 758301

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Tel         : +65-6758 1211 (10 lines)
Fax        : +65-6755 0066 (3 lines)
Sales     : +65-6643 1212 (Direct Line)
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A) For your purchasing and marketing of your products matters:

  • Mr. Lawrence Chan Ah Lim(曾雅琳), Chairman(主席)
    B.A.(History & Political Science, Nanyang University of Singapore & National University of Singapore, NUS)
    Email: lawrence[at]
    WeChat: wxid_3hlkgzojdu5t22


  • Mr. Chan Ching Ching(曾晶晶), Managing Director(法人,常务董事)
    B.Sc.(Computing Engineering, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, NTU)
    M.B.A.(Finance, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, R.M.I.T)

    Skype: chanchingching72

       WeChat: Ching7272


  • Mr. Chan Sieng-Ka(曾宪加), Executive Director(执行董事)
    B.Sc.(Mechanical Engineering, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, NTU)

    Email: skchan[at]
    WeChat: windstalker76


B) For your solutions and purchase matter: 

  • Mr. Toh Lam Huat, Senior Sales Executive
    Email: tohlamhuat[at] or rental[at]


  • Mr. Jackky Huang, Applications & Sales Engineer
    B.Sc.(Mechanical Engineering, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, NTU )
    Email: jackkyhuang[at] or rental[at]


  • Mr. Chua Zhen Hong, Technical Sales Executive
    Dip(Business Administration, PSB Academy of Singapore)

    Email: sales01[at] or rental[at]


C) For your payment, invoices, statement of account matter:      

  • Ms. Low Yin Sian(YS), Account Executive
    Dip(Business & Marketing, PSB Academy of Singapore) & LCCI (level 2 in Accounting)
    Email: account[at]


D) For your logistics matter:

  • Ms. Tham Wai Teng, Engineer Assistant & Purchasing Engineer
    B.Sc.(Mechanical Engineering. University Technical Malaysia Malacca)
    Email: waiteng[at]


E) For admin, Human Resource, and Sales-Coordination matter:

  • Ms. Joey Phang Bao Xian, Office Manager
    Dip(Human Resources and Business Economics)
    Email: joeyphang[at] or rental[at]
    WeChat: joeypbx 


F) For your after-sales technical support on your products matter:

  • Ms. Shirley Ong, Operation Co-ordinator (Sales, Rental, Repair & Advertising Artist)
    Email: info[at] or rental[at]


G) Teesin Machinery Pte Ltd's buying house in China
     Ningbo ACE Machinery Co., Ltd (宁波弘丰浩能机械有限公司)
     Managing Director (法人,常务董事): Mr. Chan Sieng-Ka(曾宪加)

     Undersign: Ms. Yuan Lingling(袁玲玲), Office Executive